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Driving Revenues Into
A Higher Gear

A solid partnership with Carpark Inc. has its advantages. We take the time to truly understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. Our main objective is to increase your operating income by implementing new cashless systems or fixing any financial leaks in your garage. We’ll identify and measure key revenue drivers and then develop strategies to grow them — all without increasing costs. It’s about benchmarking your business, so we can boost your Net Operating Income (NOI). Notice an upturn in productivity, attract new parking segments and improve customer service. Let Carpark take the driver’s seat when it comes to doubling your parking revenues.


CarPark’s philosophy is shaped by consistent new thinking about and reconsideration of sustainability. We believe that every element of the parking experience can somehow achieve a more sustainable process, including the operations, management, and maintenance of parking facilities or lots and space-finding alternatives. For CarPark, parking lies at the intersection of our built environments and the mobility networks that support them. As an innovator in Parking Management, we continue to advance and offer new and more innovative ways to reserve and pay for parking with the latest parking equipment and mobile applications. We conceptualize services and find new products that are under the obligation of the requirements of comprehensive sustainability. Contact us for more information.