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Carpark Has A Longstanding Commitment To Deliver Exceptional Service

Does your parking location have a financial leak? If so, we’ll find and fix it fast. But before we do anything, we conduct a full evaluation of each property to fully understand your specific situation. Not all locations are the same nor do they require the same solutions. We don’t just service parking management needs, we dig deeper to comprehend what is working and correct what isn’t.

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We’re Not Just Teaching Mannerism, We’re Shaping Minds

With an aim to always expand and improve upon the overall customer experience, everyone in our organization is required to go through our "Step Up to the Four Promises" and Health Care Parking Management Training (HCPMT). CarPark has a longstanding commitment to step up and achieve our overarching goal of delivering exceptional service. We have adopted the “Step Up to the Four Promises” program to ensure we deliver our promise with each customer transaction in blooming good health. We’ve also adopted the HCPMT, a comprehensive program that teaches and cultivates our employees’ skills working at health care and medical centers. Professionals in the Joint Commission and HIPAA regulation industries created the HCPMT workshop.

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